Drivers who spend time on Texas roadways understand that everything truly is bigger in Texas. The travel times are longer, the freeways tend to be bigger, and the car insurance quotes in Texas are often higher than other places around the country. The good news is that there’s something you can do about those rates. People willing to take action can get lower car insurance quotes in Texas. It is just a matter of understanding the state’s specific risk factors in order to provide a more acceptable liability profile to prospective insurance providers. Here are five great ideas that might help you reduce your car insurance quotes in Texas.

A vehicle security system can go a long way

Property crime is a major issue in Texas. Whether you live in an urban or rural area, you are at risk for either vehicle theft or a car burglary. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that in 2010, just more than 68,000 motor vehicle thefts too place. When you combine grand theft auto with simple break-ins, you start to see an alarming trend. Insurance companies are burdened by expensive claims when people fail to protect their property in an effective manner. Not only do car break-ins result in personal property loss, but they often result in expensive car damage that may be covered under a car insurance policy.

If you want to lower your car insurance quotes in Texas, you should consider a car alarm system. Insurance companies recognize that vehicle alarms deter crime, and if you are willing to make the initial investment, they may reward you with lower premiums. While car insurance quotes in Texas are not entirely based upon this factor, taking action to lower your property loss risk will improve your liability profile in a big way.

Stay within state law with only the insurance you need

Texas state law requires every driver to have car insurance. It does not, however, require all drivers to have full collision insurance. If you are looking for lower car insurance quotes in Texas, then you should think about taking only the amount of coverage that you need. Drivers with older cars may benefit from just taking on liability coverage. This is the insurance that covers the other driver’s expenses when you happen to hit them on the road. Your car’s damage will not be covered with a liability policy. Though this is a risky proposition, many older cars are not worth enough to justify major repairs after a wreck anyway.

This is the sort of strategy that is sure to lower your car insurance quotes in Texas, but it does come with negative consequences that you’ll have to consider. Many collision policies include things like free auto glass repair, so simply taking out liability coverage will leave you with the responsibility for covering those little items that your insurance may have handled in the past.

Consider a mileage-limited policy if you live in the city

Texas has some of the biggest, busiest cities in the United States. Houston is huge, and the Dallas area continues to grow. San Antonio has a large population base, and the capital city of Austin is not small. If you happen to live in one of these metro areas, then you might lower your car insurance quotes in Texas by choosing a mileage-limited policy. These policies put a cap on the number of miles that you can drive during a given year. You can get lower car insurance quotes in Texas on these policies because they present much lower risk to potential insurance providers.

Most Texas insurance policies are priced with the expectation that you will drive many miles. Because the state is so spread out, most people have to drive many miles in a given year. People in cities, though, can take advantage of public transportation. Houston is currently expanding its light rail, and Dallas has taken steps to improve its transit. If you’re in one of the smaller neighborhoods in one of these cities, then you might be able to get by with your bike. Houston’s Heights neighborhood and Dallas’s University Park are good examples of bike-friendly communities. This is a choice that you’ll have to make after considering your lifestyle. If you are willing to take a mileage limitation, you will see much lower car insurance quotes in Texas.