If you have been keeping up with the latest changes when it comes to motor vehicle plates, then you already know about the 59 plates. They came into effect in September of 2009. However, for those individuals who have not been looking for a new car or who have not been reading current news about the auto industry or the insurance industry, you might want a bit of a review.


What are 59 Plates?


Plates for motor vehicles indicate the age of the car along with the location for the registration of the car. The old plate system used a once-a-year change for cars. The old system led to a spike in sales each year when the new plates came out. Many drivers would wait until then to purchase a car because they wanted to be seen in the newest vehicles. However, a twice-a-year change system has been in place since 2001 with two different age identifiers being used. September 2009 led to 59 plates being issued.


How Does the Twice-a-Year Change System Work?


The twice-a-year change system is similar to the old one in that it follows a classification code. However, it does incorporate the new numbering system. The current number plate system is explained in the following example. Each new plate includes several letters and numbers.


For purposes of this explanation, LA59 CBY is the example plate. The first two letters indicate the location where the car has been registered. The next two numbers, known as the age identifiers, indicate the year that the car received the plate. In this case, the numbers 59 indicate that the plate was issued in September 2009.


Plates are issued during the months of March and September each year. In March, the last two digits of the year are used. In September, the number 50 is added to the last two digits of the year. Therefore, the number becomes 59 and 59 plates were issued in September of 2009.


The last three numbers on the plate are simply random numbers that appear on the plate. These numbers vary from one plate to another.


Do Personalised Plates Follow the New Plate Change System?


The new plate change system is not used when personalized plates are placed on motor vehicles.


How to Obtain Motor Vehicle Insurance for 59 Plates


Obtaining motor vehicle insurance for 59 plates is accomplished just as you would obtain this type of insurance for any other plate. Simply contact your current insurer to see if he is offering 59 plate insurance. If you prefer, you can contact a new insurer who is offering insurance cover for 59 plates. In many cases, obtaining car insurance cover online provides a discount on the price of the policy. Plus, it is easy to obtain a quick quote on the cost for 59 plate insurance online. Quotes are free and are usually provided within minutes. Once you determine which insurer you are going to use, you will need to provide all of the typical information in order to obtain your insurance cover for your motor vehicle.


Intro: Obtaining 59 plate insurance cover is an important aspect of owning a new motor vehicle. A bit of info is provided on what 59 plates are, how to understand the information on a 59 plate, and how to obtain insurance for 59 plates.